Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finally finished my piece for IAO's Annual Red Dot Fundraiser

I was thrilled and honored to be invited to participate in IAO's annual fundraiser "Red Dot"

The kicker was that I had just finished my piece for 12 x 12 and realized I only had 2 weeks to come up with something amazing for Red Dot. Then I looked at my calendar and discovered I was faced with 3 court appearances and a difficult client which, I soon discovered, would eat up an entire week of the two week deadline! YIKES! Stress ensued to say the least!

Prior to this discovery, I had decided that I would do a 20 x 20 piece... silly me, more stress... however, I pushed forward.

My creative process has alot to do with my current state of mind and my current surroundings. It took me several years of looking at pieces I had completed to realize they each demonstrated a specific journey I was taking at the time they were created. So this piece, "J'Accuse" was another journey in self discovery (not the most comfortable place). The thing is, during any work of arts creation, I don't see the journey at all. It's only after it is complete that I begin my introspection.

I began, as I often do, sifting through 1000's and 1000's of images. You see, I had an image of the perfect woman for this piece in my mind and she just wasn't coming to me... then I found her! Linda Darnell... such a beauty and such a fabulous glaring gaze!

Stress factor one solved! Next on to color pallette ... Since my previous piece was in my current favorite color of the moment, turquoise, I decided I needed a departure from my current love. What I first ended up with was a wash of bubble gum infused with white, it was supposed to be raspberry but...all I felt was YUK! Therefore, I channeled my inner Michael DeMeng and added a few coats of the uszhhh... ahh... nirvana (and, they are one of my favorite bands to boot... I crack myself up!)

Anyway, after many layers and much toil, this is the final result. (I promise to update this post with a better picture someday, that is, when a fabulous photographer-not me- takes a picture of her.)

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