Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am just in LOVE with Turquoise right now and, guess what mom found?! This adorable turquoise metal phone! It's a toy from the N.N. Hill Brass Co. Even though the original bells on the top are no longer with the phone; however, the phone does make a ringing sound when you dial a number! The cord is still in place as well. You can find it in our Etsy Shop! Vintage Tin Toy Rotary Telephone - Turquoise - N.N. Hill Brass Co. - Child's Room Decor

Featured Artisan

Featured Artisan

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This week's Featured Artisan is  Michele Wolfe - Aphrodite's Agttique! Beautiful Creations by a talented lady!  At Aphrodite's Attique  you'll find beautiful handmade originals, each one unique and carefully crafted with love.  From beaded and twisted wire jewelry and home decor, crocheted accessories and apparel, and printable graphics for crafting and more, indulge YOUR inner goddess with one-of-a-kind creations from Aphrodite's Attique! You can find all of Michele's Creations in her shop on Craft Cafe! Everything from A to Z!

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